Aldo Viola

Aldo Viola Organic Natural Biodynamic Wines

Region: Sicilia

Area: Contrada Guarini

BIANCOVIOLA Sicilia Bianco IGP 2018 | Catarratto , Grillo, Grecanico on skins

KRIMISO Sicilia Bianco IGP 2017 |

100% Catarratto 6 months on skins

EGESTA Sicilia Bianco IGP 2017 |

100% Grillo 7 months on skins

COCCINELLA Sicilia Rosso IGP 2018 |

100% Syrah

PLUS SYRAH Sicilia Rosso IGP 2016

100% Syrah aged in barrique

The Azienda Agricola Organic Aldo Viola stretches for 12 ha, 9 hectars are dedicated to vines, situated near Alcamo (TP).

Excellence, tradition and eco-sustainability are the three basic rules of Aldo’s viticulture.

His wines are the fruit of a passion, thought to be free from any standardization, entirely natural.

The unpredictability of spontaneous fermentation and the purity of its grape juice without any type of substances added or subtracted, creates a magic, a mirror of the exaltation of a great territory as the province of Trapani.