Italian Organic Wine
Organic Wine

Biodynamic wine, organic wine and natural wine from various regions of Italy.

Italian Organic Honey

Organic honey from the dunes of Parco del Rossore, Tuscany

Italian Organic Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the harvest of cultivaters, from various Italian regions.

Organic Food

Semi-finished, sauces, Herbal Tea, Pasta and other foods.


offers a selection of Italian Organic Wine, Biodynamic Wine, Natural Wine and Organic Food by producers who believe in their own land, and represent the region through their products, limiting the use of harmful agents on the environment.



our customers take a journey through taste, experiencing the flavours of the Italian regions. Our organic and biodynamic products aim to spread a culture of healthy eating and drinking, while maintaining a consistent high quality.

DELICIARUM is founded by Laura De Giacomo

Laura has a passion for great tasting products produced organically. By selecting products grown via Organic, Biodynamic and Natural farming techniques, we look after the land and ourselves.