Region: Sardegna

Area: Romangia

White wines

Dettori Bianco Romangia IGT Bianco 2017

Red wines

NV Renosu Rosso

Chimbanta Romangia IGT Rosso 2016

Tuderi Romangia IGT Rosso 2014

Tenores Romangia IGT Rosso 2014

Romangia is a geographical area within Logudoro, which in the Sard language means “luogo dorato,” or golden place, since it is considered Sardinia’s most fertile area, as well as rich and vibrant historically and socially. Romangia lies between Porto Torres, Sassari, and Castelsardo, facing the Gulf of Asinara. It comprises the commune of Sennori e Sorso,  and constitutes the Zona Storica del Cannonau, the classic growing area of the cannonau grape variety.

Today, with its 1,500 hectares, Romangia holds 18% of Sardinia’s total vineyards (ca. 26 hectares), and Sorso–Sennori ranks first in Sardegna for hectares planted to vines.