Production of specialties with cereals alternative to wheat

Region: Toscana
Product: Pasta

In 1987 by the intuition of two spouses real pioneers of the organic, comes the “La Romagnola bio”, with the aim of producing dry pasta with traditional method, that is, slow drying – 19 hours at a low temperature – with cereals only from organic farming, through chains tracked and certified.

From a time when making biological represented a real challenge, the company still boasts some primates that make it rich in a unique know-how: they were the first in Italy to produce biological Cous Cous, for importing and processing of Khorasan kamut from the United States (today it is still one of the few official importers) and work cereals “gluten-free” as corn and rice.

What differentiates today ROMAGNOLA THE BIO by other manufacturers also larger, is to be the only pasta factory of its kind in Emilia Romagna and boast a wide range of production of specialties with cereals alternative to wheat, which Kamut, Spelt, Barley Rye, Corn, Rice and functional specialties such as hemp, the Baobab and horsetail with reinforcing properties and regenerating, and finally specialties low in carbohydrates for those with special diets.