Wild Tuscany 

Region: Toscana
Product: Soups, jams

Nestled in the countryside of Tuscany, between Montiano and Montemerano, Mr. Giovanni has created a small biological paradise. A rustic environment rich in flora and fauna, an estate of 420 hectares of woods and cultivated land where grow olives tree and cereals. In the farm are bred “Maremmana” (breed of cattle) and “Cinta Senese” pigs. A great company of wildlife, natural heritage where you can meet along the paths hares, wild boars, pheasants, squirrels and many others animals. Toscabio has established a partnership to promote some fantastic products: amazing jams, unsurpassed combinations of taste and quality, Tuscan sauces like Maremma ragù, garlic tomato sauce and the ‘”Acquacotta”  (Vegetable Soup tipical of south Tuscany).