Ricci –  Cascina San Leto

Region: Piemonte

Area: Colli Tortonesi

Ti voglio bene 2018 | 100% Cortese skin contact 2018

Derthona Colli Tortonesi DOC 2017 | 100% Timorasso skin contact

Barbarossa Colli Tortonesi DOC 2016 | 100% Barbera

Io Cammino da solo 2013 | 100% Timorasso skin contact & Amphora

San Leto Colli Tortonesi DOC 2012 | 100% Timorasso skin contact

San Leto Colli Tortonesi DOC 2015 | 100% Timorasso skin contact

Castellania Colli Tortonesi DOC 2012 | 100% Barbera aged in oak

Close to Gavi in the extreme south-easterly reaches of Piedmont… where the Alpine hills meet the Appennine hills to separate Piedmont and Lombardy from Liguria… one of Italy’s finest native white varieties thrives since always and is now experiencing a powerful revival.

Timorasso is a late-ripening, thin-skinned white cultivar indigenous of the Tortonesi Hills in south-eastern Piedmont: at risk of extinction only 20 years ago, Timorasso was fortunately rescued and replanted by a bunch of tenacious and passionate growers like Daniele Ricci, the owner of this incredible estate, and it is today widely regarded as one of Italy’s finest and longest-lived white wine.