Sapori mediterranei

“Bees in the beach”

Region: Toscana

What does bees with Mediterranean beaches? It’s the place where the bees collect nectar for a very special honey: beach honey. Mrs. Donatella is the owner of a very small organic farm with a passion for beekeeping. The passion for the work and the highest quality research have led the owner of the company is unspoiled places where to place their hives, healthy environments, rich in flowers and loads of intense fragrances. The honey beach is produced from the apiaries located inside the Natural Park of Migliarino S. Rossore – Massaciuccoli along the coast, where in May and June flowering herbs such as helichrysum ( Helichrysum italicum ) and cistus. Helichrysum flowers have a few nectar but they are rich in essential oils, than give to the honey its distinctive taste and aroma, combining the known health properties of honey with the helichrysum anti-inflammatory properties,